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Admiral Graff Spee Project

Admiral Graf Spee from www.maritimequest.comWe want to preserve for history a snap shot in time of the current state of the wreck site of this great warship of World War 2.

The wreck site has been under salvage since 2004 with significant pieces of the wreck have been removed. The project will provide researchers, historians and WW2 naval buffs answers to questions about the last German pocket battelship.

The goal is to map the wreck site with HD 3-D sonar, photo and video using ROVs.

We are seeking funding for this project through crowd funding. Can't wait for the crowd funding? Contributions and institutional grants are being accepted. To send a donation or volunteer:

Project Schedule:

  • Project Planning: Mar - Jun
  • Crowd Funding: Jun - Aug
  • Prepare for Expedition: Sep - Nov
  • Map Admiral Graf Spee: Nov
  • Release website: Dec

Project Updates:

11 Feb 2017
5 Mar 2016

Project Notes:

  1. We will not disturbe the wreck nor remove any artifacts as a salvage company owns the wreck.
  2. This is a historical mapping expedition of a historically significant wreck site. All site maps, photos, and video materials created during the project will be available for research and public access.
  3. This project will not document the Admiral Graf Spee's operational history or sinking, as that is well covered in print and on web sites such as the World War II Database.

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